Simply leaving the town to take a walk through a village, or visit some old, no-longer-in-use property gives me a great sense of wanderlust and the need to explore- even just a few miles away from home.

Exploring is one of my favourite activities – in fact, it would probably be my number one favourite activity; if only I got paid for enjoying it as much as I do. Now, I know going to the seaside doesn’t quite portray the word ‘explore’ to a great extent, but at least it’s a start.

Viewing places, just looking and taking in all the beauty you can possibly capture with your eyes rather than your camera, makes me feel both so happy yet so sad at the same time; I want to share my experience with everyone I know, but doesn’t that just take it’s beauty away? Either way, no camera could ever capture anything as well as the human eye does, on a daily basis.

We traveled to the coast today, to my surprise, the weather was absolutely wonderful, allowing us to catch some rays! I also managed to take some pictures to share with everyone, although those are not quite up to my standard.

11324078_988786517799041_361143026_n 11356206_988786487799044_1915878109_n


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