Feminism – and it’s stigma

Scrolling through Facebook earlier today, I stumbled upon a Feminist post regarding Taylor Swift. To put things in perspective, Swift was referred to as “Harry Styles’ (and several others’) ex” instead of simply her own name, -or any different way of referring to her in this case- in a short article, published by OK! Magazine. Swift then retaliated, with this tweet:

Anyway, here is where I found what really bothered me. A female, must have been in her mid/late twenties, pregnant and in a relationship, commented some very disturbing things under that specific post.

11650686_998287033515656_271275097_n Now, to put things straight – I am not a radical feminist. I like to look at the world from an objective point of view but not even I could understand where this woman was coming from. Her comments included gifs quoting “Oh, you’re a feminist? You must be very rational!” etcetera,  I’m sure you all know what I mean. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand my ever so simple explanation of Feminism.

I thought it would be a good idea just to mention, although I said I am not a Radical Feminist – I am a Feminist. I believe in the equality of both genders, where both women and men are treated the exact same, with no leniency in any cases. A movement which promotes the equal treatment of human beings, not a movement where “women are irrational and want to destroy the opposite gender”.

So, please, do not let the stigma of Feminism – purely attached to the movement’s name, merely attached to beliefs, if at all; get in the way of you believing men and women can be treated equally. I understand and appreciate different people will always have different views and opinions, but if that specific thing is what you believe in – do not let it’s name put you off; you would be judging a book by it’s cover. Sadly, Feminism will always carry a stigma by it’s name; or at least until the day people get educated on what it actually means, not what they perceive it to be.

I would just like to say, I like to observe and appreciate from an objective point of view, so I am most certainly not here to “shove my views down your throat” – I am here to point out the unnecessary stigma of Feminism.

Thank you.


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