Wireless Festival 2015

I’d never been to a festival before, therefore my partner and I chose to go to Wireless Fest this year, as both of us were familiar with most artists performing this year. We were initially planning to go with some friends as well as each other, but they soon disliked the idea of going away. Now since this was my first ever experience of even being anywhere near a festival, it all felt very fresh to me.

We stayed in a little hotel in London, very close to Finsbury Park. I’d read all terms and conditions, all FAQs and information tabs on Wireless’ official website to familiarise myself with what we could/could not bring on site. As soon as we arrived at Finsbury Park we were surrounded by tens of thousands of festival-goers just like ourselves, which made me feel a lot more comfortable about the whole situation. I was expecting to wait in the queues at main entrance for hours on end on all three days, and to my surprise we were queueing for about fifteen minutes Friday, same with Saturday and no longer than ten minutes Sunday.

The atmosphere was absolutely incredible on-site, almost indescribable. We were soon surrounded by three great stages, dozens of food, drink and entertainment tents and more. The weather was impeccable on all three days, temperatures reaching thirty degrees Celsius – rather good for Britain, eh?!

Anyway, when making our way to our favourite acts we had to be extra careful not to lose one another – finding each other would be quite a task amongst over fifty thousand people, with no phone signal whatsoever. Finsbury Park was a great place for the festival, it was very spacious and in a great location; about a minutes walk from the tube and located near little shops along the lines of Greggs, Tesco Extra and 99p-Store, meaning we could get super stocked up before entering the site and not having to spend billions on food and drink.

One of our favourite food stalls was definitely “Chicken Wraps” – serving chicken wraps,4 which was pretty self explanatory. Those did cost us £7.00 per wrap but they were absolutely heavenly. Drinks stalls and huts were all over the place, offering hectolitres of alcohol; some very cheap, like Somersby party house, others a little more expensive like Red Bull’s trailers- charging £7.00 for a single vodka and redbull.

We also stumbled upon NewLook & Paco Rabanne’s tent, offering free Black XS samples and wristbands, then inviting you to a free 360 degree photoshoot – as seen on the right.

Now for the negatives. I did spot a few things I was not a big fan of, those including fights, break-ins, excessively violent moshpits and drugs. I believe there were only three major break-ins during the whole weekend, one of those happened to take place right next to where we were standing during Netsky’s set at the Pepsi Max Arena – though the security handled that one very well and almost instantly. I did see several videos on Facebook of people trying to break in through the floodgates and people getting trampled on – and I really do feel sorry for all innocent people involved. I just could not understand why a herd of people would even consider trying to gatecrash a festival- if you’ve not got a ticket for whatever reason, simply do not attend. I’ve been previously criticised for my opinion on this matter but in my eyes, that’s self explanatory. As for fights, I witnessed a couple and only one of those was right next to me; to put it in perspective, a girl got too drunk, another girl was trying to get past and ended up receiving a punch to the back of the head. Nothing was done about this as security “could not locate the victim”. Finally, drugs- absolutely everywhere! Even with security and event hosts all over the place, with Terms and Conditions of the festival and even posters on the venue clearly stating “no drugs or other illegal substances allowed”, people somehow managed to carry cocaine, marijuana and nos- though the last two are nowhere near as bad as cocaine, they were still not permitted to be brought on site; but they were. With regards to moshpits, I understand those are unavoidable and I should be expecting one everywhere I go at a festival, but I got the impression I ended up in the middle of one which was excessively violent on Friday. I was right next to one Sunday at Knife Party in Pepsi Max and that seemed like so much fun, in fact, there were four or five around the area I was in and I still felt absolutely safe.

For a first ever festival experience, I’d say Wireless was absolutely incredible. Being at a festival you will come across many different situations and even more different people, perhaps even make friends with some American guys complimenting your foil tattoo just to jump the queue;-) but overall I would say I had a wonderful time. I had never been to London before, having tried to avoid it all costs since I get lost very easily and London just seemed like a big NO to me- getting around the place, from A to B with the correct directions was very easy, especially if you prepared yourself beforehand. I did take so many pictures and videos during the whole event and these will be available to view in my media gallery, but here are snaps of Avicii, Drake and Nero.

I’d definitely love to do this again next year.

PS. We ended up on the London Live Snapchat story!

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