‘Side chicks’

Having a look through social media recently, I noticed something very strange – relationship standards, ways and conditions are changing. I know things will change over time as people shape and change their views on things, but this normally only ever happens in order to bring positive change, right? Well, this change is definitely not about to bring anything good in to the society.

My first and main concern is the phrase ‘side chick’ and how widely known and accepted it is. Having a look through my Twitter news feed, almost every other post is either a person claiming their partner has a ‘side’ (boy/girl) or they are suspecting it, several people admitting they are someone’s ‘side’, or people openly joking about ‘sides’. Having thought about it, joking about ‘sides’ is nowhere near as bad as claiming you are or have one, however. For those of you who do not already know, a ‘side’ (boy/girl) is almost the third person in a monogamous relationship, though the second person does not know of their existence. So, basically, one partner is cheating on the other with the ‘side’.

In order to confirm my initial thoughts, I simply searched ‘side chick’ on Twitter, and was absolutely astonished with the amount of tweets containing that phrase. It is shocking how that simple phrase is used as an insult amongst both men and women, as well as a strange compliment?

side chick screenshot twitter

The real point of this post is the fact such phrases are shaping our society – especially amongst the younger of us – to accept the fact your partner can openly have ‘a bit on the side’ as well as yourself, and that that is absolutely fine. Sadly, there are people in the world who agree with this sort of thing. I am not talking about polygamous relationships as that is where all partners agree to having more than one partner; I am talking about a simple monogamous relationship, understandably expected to consist of two people.

Going slightly deeper into my basic research, I even found a Wiki How website instructing people how to become a side chick. Perhaps my views on relationships are old fashioned, but I personally thought unless like I stated above – you are into polygamy – cheating should not be widely accepted. It seems as though people are forgetting the impact cheating can have on their partners; I understand every person is different, some will ‘take it’ better than others, but does that mean the society should begin to accept and even encourage cheating? Breaking up relationships and sometimes even families is an incredibly selfish thing to do and could in fact ruin someone’s life – so why do we encourage ‘becoming someone’s side’ (or just cheating)?no to side chicksLuckily, we still have some people left in this world who do not and will not accept becoming a side chick. Truthfully speaking, I would not want my children to grow up in a society where cheating has become so widely accepted, it turns into a social norm. Whilst I appreciate polygamy is accepted and well known amongst about 25% of the world’s countries, it has in fact been described as a form of Human Rights abuse in countries where it is not permitted.

I am aware polygamous relationships are completely different to cheating due to mutual consent and respect, so I used the term as the most logical, legal and respectful example in order to express how completely different the two terms are, and to highlight some of the most basic differences. 


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