On the art of photography and self confidence

I had always loved photography and the idea of having the ability to capture all my ‘favourite’ moments in a photo, knowing I could bring all those moments and memories back just by looking at it. Photography is one of my favourite forms of art alongside of music; both of which work in a similar way to an extent, stimulating and triggering the brain to recall feelings, pictures, smells and many other things.

As much as I enjoy taking photos, I think it will be best for me to stick to being on the other side of the camera – I have tried and tried too many times in the past and whilst not all of my shots were awful, they were not quite what I would have liked them to be. Below are a few of my older photos:


To make things clear, as stated above; I rarely take photos nowadays and only ever used to take them because I enjoyed it. Those were all taken on iPhone 5/ iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus so no professional equipment had ever been used. I did find I enjoyed taking photos of landscapes and nature the most, I found those the most satisfying to look at and enjoy as there was always so much detail to be captured and expressed.

Nowadays, the only thing I manage to get an okay shot of is myself, which explains why my instagram is completely filled with ‘selfies’. That is due to the fact I currently struggle to take good pictures of inanimate objects and landscapes, but I’m sure that will change soon.

On another hand, I have tried my luck at posing for photos – I’m not sure if it can be called ‘modelling’ at this stage as I have not taken part in endless amounts of photo shoots but I can certainly say it really boosts your self confidence. I recently took part in a wedding-styled shoot for a friend who is a photographer and I had never been so pleased with someone’s work ethic and the results. This particular shoot took place at Brewhaus, Lincoln which is an absolutely incredible venue. Here are some of Darina’s shots, including one beach shot:

For more of her incredible work click here for her personal website or here for her Facebook page.

Having the opportunity to combine all these lovely photos together, I would like to mention another little shoot, this time in Wolferton, Norfolk. Regardless of the unbelievably cold weather conditions and gale force winds, Foxford has managed to keep me looking warm and summery as ever (in January!)

Overall, realising I should probably stay away from taking photos for now (unless those are selfies) I have found a new interest, as shown above. I must admit it really does boost your self confidence whilst being great fun at the same time. ‘Modelling’ or simply posing for photos is something I would definitely recommend to anyone. Personally I did not know whether I would enjoy it at first, I just kind of dived in head first but like I said, it is great fun. I am aware it all depends who you are shooting with but luckily, I have only ever had great experiences.


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