Summer Sixteen

Coming towards the end of September and slowly planning Halloween parties, I have come to realise how busy my summer has been this year. Now I am not here to brag and boast so if you’re not interested in how I spent this summer, please feel free to leave now before I go on about it for the next what will seem like 17 years.

We started off by going out in Lincoln, Lincolnshire for May Day bank holiday, followed by a night out in Norwich, Norfolk for my 20th birthday at the end of May; both of which were very successful nights out with some of the loveliest people I know. A friend of mine and I then went to Parklife Festival in Manchester at the beginning of June, the festival itself was great although it would have been much better if it wasn’t for all the Manchester torrential rain and my genuine struggle to understand the local Uber drivers. I don’t know what most of those festival goers had taken but it was quite a sight.

Following that I went to Wireless Festival in London with my partner and some friends – this was by far my preferred festival out of the two. The weather was incredible, there was more of us going so again, the more the merrier. I do believe fact my partner came along to this festival made it a whole lot better, with it being his first festival I really hope he enjoyed himself as much as I did! Especially knowing I finally got to see my all-time favourite band live, after years and years of trying to get to see them – we are obviously talking about The 1975. This time we weren’t covered in insane amounts of rain, or mud for that matter so we got to and from the festival warm and dry, as opposed to having to through the venue.

Between then and now I managed to leave the nest and move out with my partner at the end of July, oh how scary! I have also very recently returned from a weeks break to Albufeira (Portugal) which happened to be going through an incredible heatwave as we touched down at the airport in Faro. I went with an old friend, we both caught the sun so well during the seven days we spent abroad, you would think we had just been for a spray tan. The food was insane, the location was absolutely beautiful and our hotel was up a very steep hill, meaning walking back up after a day out I felt like I had just done 700 squats.

Between all those events we spent lots of days away, both lounging about and exploring as well as going away shopping and for casual days out. I have absolutely loved this summer, it’s so strange to think you can achieve all of those things and really enjoy yourself whilst working a very responsible, difficult and stressful job. I must say working hard really does pay off regardless of what others may think, and being able to reward yourself after working so hard feels like such a blessing.

Back to the happy things, I have thrown in a few photos from Portugal as none of those have made their way here yet. Albufeira really is a picturesque place. We did not really explore too much as we did not have much tourist time but I tried to capture as much as I could. I would definitely recommend Portugal as a holiday destination as it is cheap (but not the cheapest). The landscape alone is astonishing, and knowing you had just taken a dip in the Atlantic Ocean is really something else if you enjoy travelling and exploring but are very new to it. The locals were so kind and welcoming – at least in that region. They were not too keen on seeing us on our phones in public, even though we only went on our phones to let our families and friends know we were okay and to take photos; but then again, living in that beautiful area they probably were not too pleased with us staring at our phones instead of appreciating the place.

I will add some more photos of the above named places and events as well as my recent holiday to make it slightly easier to picture. More of these can be found on my Instagram.






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