“Black African Soap” – a gift from Gods

I rarely look at myself with any form of dislikes but I did have a slight issue a few months back (about 2-3months ago) which I seem to have solved, so I thought I’ll share my experience and tips.

Throughout my teenage life I had used all sorts of hormone pills, mainly Rigevidon (tut, tut, migraines) which kept my face absolutely flawless: no blemishes whatsoever, never even a single spot – it kept me baby and spot free – what more could I ask for? Well, preferably less migraines. I ended up steering clear of the above named drug and changing to something else, which does not contain the same amount of hormones. At the same time, I decided to change my physique and changed my calorie intake as well as throwing in a daily protein shake (or 8).

It was at this exact moment I started to notice slight impurities on my face, mainly on my forehead and chin area. Of course we are always told not to pick at anything of that sort so I tried my best to be patient with it and let it “go away by itself”, which obviously did not work.

I then decided to start using some Clean & Clear Spot Treatment Gel (15ml) which is absolutely superb AND it can be worn under makeup, but that was not enough. A friend kindly recommended 5% benzoyl peroxide gel (aka Acnecide) – works a treat on oily skin, and will definitely clear up not too stubborn blemishes overnight.)



HOWEVER – my most treasured bit of skincare is Dudu Osun Tropical Naturals Black Soap – it is a gift fro

m gods. This soap will make your skin squeaky

clean (literally) as it leaves no residue unlike most shower gels and soap bars. I have found that combined with exfoliating, this soap really cleans your face and makes your skin glow. I tend to use it after my hot showers & exfoliating rituals, when my pores are steamed and happy to cooperate.

Unfortunately I did not think to take any progress photos, but it definitely is worth a go if you are currently suffering with the same issue I had. I could not be happier!

(Let’s keep in mind I am not a qualified dermatologist so I cannot speak on possible skin reactions and allergies, so if you are looking to try any of the above products but are concerned about allergies and reactions, be sure to do your own research or consult your dermatologist.)

Happy skin-caring!! X


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