Morocco 2017

It’s that time of the year again when people go abroad to finish off their summer in a nice, hot country. We have just got back from Marrakech (we landed at 06:38 this morning) and I am SNOWED UNDER with photos from our trip. Sadly, we didn’t get to see much more than the gardens, Suks and Koutoubia Mosque due to our lazy touristy ways and being too content with our jacuzzi on our balcony but we did get hundreds of photos wherever possible.

Our stay

We stayed at TUI SENSIMAR Medina Gardens, a four star spa resort mainly run by TUI. We received a complimentary bottle of red wine and some apples as a warm welcome from the team, alongside our full minibar.

The hotel itself was very inviting, the decor really reminded us of Moroccan roots and brought about that traditional feel. Our room was rather large with a hot tub on our balcony so obviously we took advantage of that and had wine & hot tub nights throughout our entire stay.

For Jake’s 21st birthday, hotel staff decorated our room with rose petals, an gave us an entire cake with birthday wishes on – we really were made to feel so special and welcome!

We were rather lazy on our first holiday together so we spent most of our time at the buffet (with some of THE MOST AMAZING food I’ve ever eaten!!!) and by the pool, just sunbathing; but we did visit the Suks at the Medina once with a tour guide, and some more gardens, the Koutoubia Mosque and a bit more of the city on our own. I took SO many photos and I felt so emotionally connected and just overwhelmed at the beauty of the traditional art and architecture, seeing and being able to taste the local cuisine consisting of so many beautifully dressed/spiced dishes, the entire trip made me absolutely fall in love with the place and I would looooove to go back and spend some more time exploring and appreciating what Morocco has to show.

The city was SO clean too, there was absolutely 0 rubbish kicking about, literally none. Everything was just so well looked after, all the gardens were constantly being supervised and watered, I just cannot put it in words how much I loved Marrakech.22089175_1663218633689156_8494095215850782769_n


We did have a few disappointing parts throughout our stay, those were down to TUI so I will not mention those in this post (maybe one day when I feel like moaning about their services, but today is not that day😎)

I must admit I could live off paprika potatoes and lemon chicken if those were prepared by Moroccan cooks. I know the local cuisine has already been mentioned but I didn’t think it was possible to love good food any more, until I tried Moroccan. Seriously, everything I have ever eaten has been SO bland and tasteless in comparison to the dishes I got to try in Marrakech.




Overall, Morocco is definitely on my list to re-visit in the near future, and I really do recommend that everyone visits at least once. It is a great place to start off your cultural appreciation – with Morocco being a vastly Islamic country, it is a great starting point to learning about other cultures and religions. The locals seem so lovely and welcoming too, it was just a bliss.

The only thing that did bother me were rude, middle aged Brit’s in our resort, who took the absolute piss out of prayers which were aired across the city five times daily. Don’t go to a strongly religious country and take the piss out of their beliefs and traditions. Just don’t be that dickhead.

..more importantly – for more photos, feel free to have a peek on my Facebook page.

Thanks for taking your time to have a quick read.


Marts x


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