Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 Shanghai

It’s that time of the year again when Victoria’s Secret graces us with the most extravagant lingerie fashion show on Earth. As the full broadcast will not be released until 28th November, I am writing this having read articles, watch snippets, seen photographs on social media so you will have to bare with me if I miss anything – I will return to this post once I have seen the full broadcast and revise it (hopefully I have captured all the highlights!)

So, according to Glamour, 55 models from 20 countries walked this year’s program, presenting 88 looks and 37 wings. Glamour has kindly provided snaps of all of those amazing looks for all of us who simply cannot wait until the official broadcast is released, and are eager to see more.

This year’s show was made up of five segments: Nomadic Adventure, Porcelain Angels, Millennial Nation, Punk Angels and Goddesses. My personal favourites from this year are as follows (not in any particular order):




AND all of the Goddess looks. But what about the Fantasy Bra? My goodness, have you seen it? No? Well, here is your chance to see it.


Once again, VS did not disappoint. Lais Ribeiro presented the Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra perfectly. Yes, I am certainly saying nobody could have worn it better than her. The magnificent £1.5m piece looks so humble on Ribeiro

093edd772d24e49472378e5f300a2604 and does not outshine her astonishing, young, fresh looking self; Champagne Nights is probably my second favourite of all Fantasy Bras, just after Hearts On Fire (2006).

Out of all this year’s segments, my favourite was definitely Goddesses (ha ha what a surprise) and I absolutely adore all looks equally. I was not overly keen on Millennial Nation as it is not really my sort of thing, however, including PINK has always been a part of VS fashion shows so we have go to give them that; it is nice of VS to include something slightly less official and elegant or fancy in their shows – I am sure there are plenty of PINK fans out there, in fact, I see them on Twitter ever single day. Plus, you can’t exactly wear your £1.5m Fantasy Bra to the gym.. .. or can you..

Moving on to the show’s slip ups, which there were SO few of, I am not even sure if they are worth taking seriously. Ming Xi ‘took a tumble’ during the show (you can hardly even tell) and she absolutely bossed it. She stayed completely in character and although I am sure she was anxious about it the second it happened, she took it on the chin and worked it so professionally, I can only say I wish I was her when shit happens to me. Here is a quick video by @artdebeauty showing model Gizele Oliveira giving Ming Xi a quick hand to get up and smash her walk. 

Another little slip (literally) apparently happened to Bella Hadid whilst she was cheering at the end of the show. Videos and photos I have seen so far hardly even show anything remotely noticeable, but for those who are eagle-eyed, it is easy to spot. I don’t deem it necessary to personally add in a photo of another woman’s nip-slip, but if you are eager to see or completely ‘unaware’ of what one of those is, click here for an article which shows a snap of Bella’s minor wardrobe malfunction.

Overall I am super emotional and sooooo in love with this year’s Shanghai show. The acts were amazing and really gave that super energetic VS Angel x China vibe, the girls were on top form (no surprise there) despite the fact Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner did not partake, the outfits were incredible and the whole thing, to me, felt like Christmas came early.  I normally get teary-eyed whilst watching VS Fashion shows over and over again, thinking ‘Why am I so short the Angels would trip over me?’ ‘Why was I not born to be Adriana Lima?’ (my absolute VS Queen).

I hope you enjoyed the VS Fashion Show 2017 Shanghai snippets and my mini-review as much as I did. Follow me for some more VS posts amongst many others!



Marts x


(Here is a direct link to the looks article by Glamour should you wish to have a peek. All snaps included in the above named article were taken by Matt Winkelmeyer and Frazer Harrison.)


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