LBD to save a life

Whenever I’m stuck for an outfit choice I instantly think ‘Ah yeah, LBD!’ I then proceed to have a look for one and realise.. well.. I’ve been out and about in all my LBDs multiple times before.

HOWEVER, I have just had three new ones delivered, one of which I will be saving for this years New Years Eve celebrations, and here are the other two:


And I just cannot contain my excitement to get to wear these two gorgeous numbers. What’s worse than having nothing to wear whilst being super excited to go out? Besides, a little black dress makes every woman look and feel incredible.

I’m not really sure which one out of these two I prefer; I feel the vinyl one is very brave and bold, whilst the satin one is slightly more tamed. I do think the vinyl one is more figure flattering (for me) than the satin piece, I mean, it does state in the description it is a figure hugging dress so it does really clinch the waist and hold you tightly in – for the exact same reason I would definitely recommend that if you feel like ordering this dress, either order two sizes (your actual size and one above, then see which fits you better) or just go for the size above. All three dresses are incredibly comfortable and I am so, so pleased with this delivery.

For obvious reasons there’s not a photo of my third little number as I am saving it for our big night out.

All three are from my favourite online fashion retailer and I couldn’t recommend them more.

(Find these dresses tagged on my 21buttons)

Marty xxx



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