Rose Gold/Peachy smokey look – product list

Okay so I’m sat here today, on my first day off in absolutely ages, with a stinking headache (still) which has now been hanging around for three days – leave me alone please!! What’s better to do on a day like this than write up the full details of your makeup in one of your recent selfies?

I will start off by reminding everyone I am not a makeup artist so I really have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup, I just sort of do whatever feels right and what looks ‘OK’ in my own opinion.

So here are the two photos I took that day of my makeup, and to be precise these are not super recent as they are from Halloween night (oops).

fake_me_lotion_darkAs you can see we are looking back at my super tanned days with my gorgeous Moroccan tan being topped up with some fake tan (back then I used Fake Me – Tanning Lotion Dark and although it does only stay on for a couple of days, the shade had me absolutely in love with my glowing, sun kissed skin.)


Anyway – back to makeup talk. I don’t currently use a primer, or I didn’t back in October – instead, I used Nivea’s Rich Nourishing body moisturiser, followed by MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal colour correction pods in peach & green on the necessary areas of my face, to even out the undertones before applying foundation.

I then followed up with applying my Rimmel – Wake Me Up foundation (shade 200 – Soft Beige) which, I kid you not, is my all-time favourite foundation. I haven’t seen it in shops for quite some time now so I’m not sure if it’s been discontinued but honestly, if your skin is as difficult as mine (very drastically mixed – from super dry to super oily in places) I definitely recommend this little life saviour. It has a fairly thick consistency but is so so easy to work with! It blends so well, makes your skin look revitalised and alive, and it does not feel heavy on your face at all.

My foundation was topped with some Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate 16hour Wear powder (I’m a matte face kinda gal) before I began sculpting my features.

With regards to my contour & highlight, I have no set or ritual order to go in; some days img_4815I’d rather do my highlights first, other days I will start off with my contour.

When I’m tanned, I use W7’s own Chunky Bronzer – I think it only comes in one shade, which is Hawaiian Bronze. It’s a creamy stick I tend to use before applying powder contour, as I find it sits better on my face and although it does sound like I’m piling up layers and layers of makeup, it lasts longer and does not smudge. The powder in question is MUA Bronzed Perfection Matte – this powder is actually a bronzer but it matches my skin and it’s very well pressed so it doesn’t sit on your face awfully patchy.

Next, I move on to my highlight – I keep it ever so simple – MUA Hide & Conceal stick in Fair, dusted over with Collection 2000 pressed powder in 18 Ivory, then MUA Skin Define hydro powder. Can you tell I like my contour super dramatic? Also, as you can see, I refuse to spend £20 on a contour kit when I can make a DIY one myself, whilst saving some money for a Chinese lol

I then add some blush to avoid looking plastic and monotone – I currently use Makeup Revolution Blush Queen Blush Palette – there are eight shades and I just go with whatever I fancy.

My shimmer is also MUA – why am I not a brand ambassador for them yet????? On a serious note, it’s Undress Your Skin in Iridescent Gold (on my cupids bow, down my temple and the top of my cheeks, as well as my brow bone where my arch sits).

Moving on to eyebrows – sculpted using No7 Classic Brow Kit which comprises of two powder tones, some plain and some shimmer wax. Back then I would sculpt my brows with warmed-up wax first, then fill them in (lighter shade at the front of the brow, blending throughout to the darker shade across the arch and the tail).

Eyes!!!!! Finally managed to get to talk about the eyes. The palette I used for the base colour was Makeup Revolution in Flawless Matte – in shade Ripe – this was also along my bottom lash line. Nice and peachy, not overly buttery so takes some ti3_flawless_matte_paletteme to get the correct blend. I then layered up on Makeup Revolution Flawless in two shades (Red Night & Burgundy Nights) to get the perfect reddy-cranberry tone, before applying (prepare for the outrage) EYELASH GLUE to my eyelids in preparation for loose glitter. Yes, I used eyelash glue as glitter adhesive because I will tell you what, I used just about everything and anything that exists or that I have read about, and nothing held my loose glitter better to my eyelids than eyelash glue. I used some standard eyelash glue that came with a pair of eyelashes I lost a while back, so since I had never used it before and it just sat in my makeup chest, it became my new glitter adhesive.

Okay so the way to get your loose glitter to stick is: apply your eyelash glue to your eyelids by gently dabbing it on with your applicator (try not to smudge it about as it will get lumpy and nasty), wait for it to dry as if you are applying your eyelashes, then get your flat, firm brush, dip it in glitter and dab the glitter on to your eyelids TADA! You applied loose glitter to your eyelids. I usually then look down whilst facing down and blink a few times, just to get any loose bits of glitter off my face. (Note: Every time I apply loose glitter to my eyelids, I do my eye makeup first and then move on to my face). Moving on, to complete the look, I added another layer of the two reds just above my glitter to ensure it was blended in correctly and did not look too silly. In the outer corner of my eye, I blended some Pure Chocolate from the Flawless Palette, just to add some extra depth. I used the same shade over the top of Ripe along my bottom lash line.

My false eyelashes are probably my truest, oldest best friend and unfortunately, they are soooo old I can’t even remember what they’re called – all I can remember is I got them in Superdrug. Btw my falsie situation isn’t as skanky as it sounds, I keep buying the same set from Superdrug and I never bother to look at that it’s called.

For my lips I used *drumroll* MUA Luxe Velvet Lip lacquer in Tranquility, over a matching lipliner. The inner corners of my lips were dabbed with Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte shade Antique, again, just to add that slight depth.

That’s a wrap! Here’s the complete list of all the products I used to create the above look with my amateur makeup skills – I hope you enjoyed it.


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