Bucket-list destinations 2018

I’ve been so busy recently with both my degree and work I have completely neglected my blog (yet again). However, one good thing has come out of so madly busy and that is: holiday destinations!

3889f45752d19449f909300bb0b7ad02Jake and I had been planning to jet off to Thailand🇹🇭 for about 18months now but we ended up going to Morocco🇲🇦 instead. (Read about our little getaway here!) I thought I’ll come up with a little bucket list for our holiday destination wants and needs, without setting a specific timescale, as we are both SO busy it is absolutely impossible for us to decide we’re going to visit 25 countries just this year.

22196374_1663220090355677_1032888223980363486_n So as stated above, one of those dreamy destinations is Thailand🇹🇭 – from the beaches all the way to the cities and suburbs, I want to see it alllllllll AND try their crazy foods!! Having read up a bit about Thailand and seen all those amazing photos circulating the internet I am completely mesmerised; we’re certain Thailand is on our to-do list and will more than likely be our next get-away, and I couldn’t be more excited! Have a quick peek at some of these ‘facts’ about Thailand – how true these are I’m not sure, so maybe just take them with a pinch of salt.

americas_mexico_banner-wideNext up we have Mexico🇲🇽; the land of super hot food and gals💃🏽 Jake has previously visited the land of Angels but I am yet to experience the beauty of Mexico.

countryroadsofcroatia_dubrovnik_hero01Following Mexico we have Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Maldives, the US, and Croatia (again) – so basically anywhere that’s far away from home and scorching hot! Especially with both of us being constantly in need for a serious tan🤔 Now I am fully aware MANY of the above stated destinations are not awfully culturally aware or indulging, but I like to learn on the go!

Sitting around trying to focus on work and having your head wander off to the land of 40°C heat is one of my biggest sins in everyday life, and probably the reason why I am STILL forever picking up boxes of GR Aspirin instead of dispersible when dispensing people’s prescriptions🤷🏽‍♀️

What’s keeping our destination bucket list short and sweet is the fact I’ve gone from loving plane journeys as a child to absolutely despising them as an adult – if I could, I’d get on a train/coach to every country I plan to visit in my lifetime. I know it’s easy getting from France to Italy or Austria by train, but getting to Croatia or Dominican Republic could prove difficult😂 if you have any tips for an awfully nervous/uncomfortable flyer ya gal could do with some so ping them my way🙋🏽‍♀️

I’d love to read about all your destination bucket lists; foreign countries amaze me with their architecture, nature and landscapes, traditions and of course, their cuisine! Feel free to share those with me as I could definitely do with some more ideas to fill myscrapbooks. Love,Marts xx


2 thoughts on “Bucket-list destinations 2018

  1. I have heard Greece is out of this world😍 I’ve just had a quick peek at some photos of the Grand Cayman and it looks like an absolute gem!! How long did you stay there for?


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