Primark makeup review

Okay so at the weekend I purchased some makeup bits from Primark – nothing major; I bought two foundations, four lipsticks, a bottle of primer spray, banana powder, and some new ‘beauty blender’ sponges having seen everyone’s Instagram posts about Primark’s new ‘Nudes’ range and how good it seems to be.

Naturally I had to try it out as soon as it was purchased, so I spent three hours last night just playing with my makeup (being the amazing makeup artist I am, lol) and I have to say I’m really quite pleased with my little purchases.

I bought two shades of foundation, both from Primark’s My Perfect Colour collection, one of which matches my skin perfectly and offers really good coverage without feeling awfully heavy (in the shade Toffee), and the other one I picked up is slightly darker – I use it for my contour, it’s in the shade Amber Honey.
ce5a8822-195b-4974-b631-89fafbc19cf9  d54b977e-69ce-4563-bd8b-0d0eb16b5ac7


My favourite purchase there was definitely the banana powder they do, and of course, my primer spray – I couldn’t be more in love! Their banana powder sits really well on my skin and I honestly cannot feel it’s presence at all. It blends in SO well and really covers up all those little uneven areas and wrinkly bits👵🏽

And their Primer Water spray is literally a heaven-send. I was doing my makeup about 3hours ago and my face still feels super hydrated and silky smooth right now, and it worked just as well last night when I spent hours playing with my makeup – if that doesn’t prove this spray is incredible then I don’t know what will. It’s super light and comfortable and in all honestly I would bathe in it if I could; my skin feels and looks so dewy after using it, I could not recommend it more.

I did also buy four lipsticks – unfortunately I’m not awfully pleased with the shades and they looked a lot better on my hand in store whilst testing, than they did on my lips when I got home. I bought the two Nudes lipsticks as featured here by silvanajslays:


One Lipfix nude, and another satin finish liquid lilac lipstick. I do have to admit all of those looked a lot better in store than they did on me, so I am slightly disappointed, but overall I’m still super pleased with my few little bits I bought at insanely cheap prices.

Completely forgot I bought some waterproof mascara too – it’s nice and it does the job, however, it’s very difficult to remove with makeup removers – even the ones for waterproof mascaras.

Out of the stuff I purchased at the weekend, I will definitely carry on using the four products above, and I will make sure those are weaved in to my daily makeup routine – forget the lipstick disaster😂

My local Primark is rather small so it didn’t have all the nude lipstick multipacks and the other glam bits I keep seeing everywhere, so I definitely feel like I’m missing out!

Ps here are some photos I took last night in AWFUL light pls don’t judge me x

img_5379_facetune_05-03-2018-15-45-03.jpg  img_5377_facetune_05-03-2018-15-46-48.jpg  img_5372_facetune_05-03-2018-15-51-45-e1520343005956.jpg


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