Home décor inspo part I

I have been meaning to write this post for so long now and just never got around to finishing it – I have been fishing through home dècor Instagram pages🏡 such as The Gray Home and Home & Lifestyle Emily, Eleanor Jane Home (who introduced me to Zeyneps Home) as well as looking through Rightmove and Zoopla (you know when searching for bargains on eBay you’d change your results to show price low – high? Welllll in order to find some good home inspo, just change it to high – low😉). I have also been on the search for some nice home dècor blogs but I have really struggled with that, as my searches appear to bring up super mainstream styled blogs and that’s just not what I’m after😒.

28722163_1818292154848469_1854950398_n 28722285_1818275004850184_896811704_n 28832664_1818292151515136_658338380_n

Credit: ZeynepsHome

Properties I am finding aesthetically pleasing are usually relatively modern (not overly as I am not a fan of the ‘cold’ feeling completely modern properties bring with them) with some vintage/shabby chic furniture, a lot of light and open space, an of course glass/mirrored furniture. Sounds super easy to piece together and decorate an entire property with, but… it’s super difficult to design an entire property this exact style, without making every single room look exactly the same as the next two, and without majorly cluttering it up.

Soooo with regards to finding nice little dècor bits, apart from those gorgeous little IG 29003650_1818456578165360_1310467094_n
boutiques selling custom made pieces and IKEA for some glass and mirrored stuff, I am a massive fan of The Range, especially all their super cheap bits and constant price downs. I have seem some gorgeous, full length mirrors for as cheap as £19.99 and other little bits including glass draw handles and entire mirrored cabinet sets. They have some lovely lamps and light shades too, gorgeous crystal-like candleholders, well, they have a bit of everything really and I am super obsessed with the store at the moment, to the point where Jake has to supervise me on every single visit as he knows otherwise I will just buy everything!! I am sorry but £8.00 for a vanity mirror is not a deal I am willing to miss 😍 especially when comparing my possibilities and seeing this:


No, this post is not sponsored, I just like a good deal when I see one. The same goes for their mirrored furniture; on average, their prices are much lower than most places I have been seeing, which is always a bonus as their stuff isn’t of awful quality.

As you can probably tell, I am the type of person to have their entire interior painted white, ideally have massive windows in the house, open-plan rooms (kitchen, living & dining room), lots and lots of light, with white or light grey floors – that is my dream house right there. I know I have not at all mentioned a garden BUT the only garden thing I’m good at is throwing down a towel and sunbathing in the summer so that explains it all😂


(Some of these photos I’d just screenshot and had in my camera gallery ready for when we come to buying our own little place together soooo I do not have the rightful owner details😭. If you have come across this post and any of the ‘no-mans’ photos are in fact yours, or you happen to know who they belong to, please let me know as there is nothing I hate more than people not receiving their rightful credit!)

Back to my original point, with regards to accounts with the most incredible decor, it is so amazing how easily accessible dècor is when you have an account on Instagram. For instance Elle Darby’s home:

28829196_1818471574830527_620745544_n 28721834_1818471961497155_311487489_n28907746_1818471984830486_641395571_n

Credit: Ellenor Jane Home

I wasn’t going to add any more photos but I just can’t help myself. A few weeks ago, this girl I follow on Instagram posted some photos of this NYC apartment she was staying in whilst she was away and it was just so, so gorgeous😍:



Credit: LIFE Hotel, Manhattan, New York

Okay no more blabbering on. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post and loved all these incredible interior photos as much as I did!


Marts xx


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