Puppy shoot🐶

I have finally got around to writing about this, yay!! I’ve waited a whole week to write about this lovely little opportunity I had to work with The Rollingbones and their heavenly Tibetan Mastiff 6 week old puppies. That’s right, they were only six weeks old at the time!! I have already posted photos of them on all my social media as I literally could not contain my excitement🤩 this won’t be a long one at all, as I want you to just be able to see these gorgeous little angels.

So basically blah blah blah I got ready before we set off, referring back to my basic everyday glam (check it out here) then we left. The shoot was local so we’d arrived within 5minutes which was super convenient, followed by The Rollingbones team. We then proceeded to greet and Domi went on to show me their puppies – oh my GOODNESS I fell in love straight away😍 there was 8 puppers in total and they are all equally fluffy and gorgeous.

Inside we were met by Please 8 Photography and we got to work. Here are some of the amazing photos the super talented photographer got of us and The Rollingbones pups:

Credit: Please 8 Photography

As you can see, we had some individual shots with these beauties, and some of the pair of us with our angels. Aren’t they just the fluffiest and sweetest😭 they were so loving and affectionate too – if I didn’t already have two pensioner cats I would definitely look in to acquiring one, and I definitely recommend you get yourself one too❣️they felt like the warm, fuzzy life companion everyone needs!!

Do check out The Rollingbones and Please 8 Photography for some more photos of adorable pups🐶

Again, many thanks to Domi & The Rollingbones, and Please 8 Photography for this amazing opportunity.



9 thoughts on “Puppy shoot🐶

      1. Haha nooo, I’ve just had a look through your blog and noticed your post about your pup, but a snickers is my favourite chocolate bar so I suppose that counts?!🤷🏽‍♀️😂

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