Skincare disaster!

I’m back again after an awfully long (and unwanted) break from blogging but I kid you not, it is so difficult to type on a Mac when your acrylics are as long as mine.

Anyhow, here I am again, regretting my recent life choice whilst sipping on my Nescafe instant sachet from an on-the-go cup whilst sitting at home, enjoying the sunshine from indoors, and adoring my two kittens. But why am I enjoying this rare sight of sunshine from indoors? You’re in Britain, woman, go outside and actually catch some rays, so you can make small talk with customers about it for the next two weeks.

Well – here is why I am having to watch these glorious rays from a shaded, indoor space: I burned my face using acne treatment. I know I do not have acne, you needn’t point that out – the product I used; I’d been using for absolutely AGES and I mean at least a year. (Not every day – I’m not THAT daft) so here is what happened. I am honestly not sure whether the two are linked in any way, but I had been pampering my face with some Tea Tree oil as it had been through quite a beating recently, so I thought it deserved some loving. I did this for two nights in a row and it felt so fresh and super dewy so I was pleased with myself, until the following night I realised my skin was getting quite oily again. I would normally just leave it and let it do it’s own thing but that night I thought as my skin had been quite awful the previous couple of weeks, I really wanted it to remain nice, fresh, and clear so I applied some of my fave gel to my usual areas – forehead, T-zone, around the corners of my mouth and down to my my chin. Baring in mind I hadn’t used this product in at least two weeks, I expected it to be absolutely fine, having completely forgotten I had been using a concentrated essential oil the previous two nights in a row.

The following morning I woke up itching the side of my mouth and it felt slightly irritated, I of course thought nothing of it and went back to sleep as it was my Friday off. I then woke up a couple hours later and I shit you not, I’d never seen anything like it. My face was swollen, red, itchy, dry, burning – all else, literally you name it and I was experiencing it that exact moment. It’s such a good job I had that Friday off, as I could not apply any makeup to cover the burns!! The last thing you would want to have to experience whilst collecting medication is seeing the person preparing it has a completely red raw, swollen face.

After I splashed my face with lukewarm water I covered it in scent-free, easily irritable skin moisturisers and ointments, hoping to soothe my little face. I did also take some antihistamines in vain attempt to reduce itching, then I literally just had to wait it out. My mum got home and her response was ‘WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!’ so yeah I guess you can tell how truly awful I looked. She fed me some Vitamin C, D & Calcium tablets, also hoping to reduce the inflammation and itching.

So yeah – that’s how this weekend went for me. Of course the weather was relatively okay and I was up for doing things, such as going to the beach or out for some nice food but I literally couldn’t. As I type this post my face has almost completely cleared and the rash has vanished – the previously burned parts are now just dry so I keep applying heavy creams and ointments to hopefully retain my natural skin type some day.

I just realised I forgot to say – the following morning (this gone Saturday) (also I was working this Saturday) I woke up and the previous irritation and swelling had turned in to almost an entire face full of BLISTERS. That’s right – BLISTERS. I looked like an 18th century witch. I did take photos to document my journey but I feel like if I post them on here I will soon receive an email from Google saying I had to take this post down as my photos are completely inappropriate and trust me when I say this – they really are. If you’d been following me for some time now you will know I very, very rarely exaggerate. I have truly never seen anything so raw and irritated.

I have decided from this day on I will embrace my combination skin, especially the oily parts.

Moral of the story is – unless you want to look like you’d been stung by 20 hornets and then fell flat on your face and landed on a hot iron straight after – embrace your oily skin and fuck any product and campaign trying to lure you in to drying it out.

Marts xx


One thought on “Skincare disaster!

  1. Girl I know what you are going through. I once had similar thing happening. I used some cleanser that everyone was raving about, to treat acne. It literally burned my intire face, it was so bumpy, red, irritaded and it was so hot. I hope it will go away soon, just try to use really calming products. xx


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