Wireless Fest 2018, before & after, our constant bad luck and more

Hey, hi, hello! I am back again after another unplanned disappearance filled with work commitments, the World Cup, a day tanning it up at the beach and work on my new little project and although I’d love to say I am back for good, bringing you lots of regular, cool, enticing content – I’d imagine this will not happen if planned so I’ll stick to winging it – just like all else in my life.

Anyhow, back on topic pls🙋🏽‍♀️ I am so ready to go in on this in full detail with my coffee & my roll so here we go..

This year marks my 3rd Wireless fest I’ve been to, however, this was the first time we didn’t stay in London & didn’t do the whole 3 days. The day we chose to do was Saturday – I always purchase event tickets a year ahead to ensure no discrepancies & a smooth delivery, which unfortunately did not happen this year as Ticketmaster completely pissed us about with our address changes and the customer service I received from their agents was absolutely disgusting🖕🏽, but that’s a story for another time.

So we went to bed relatively early hoping to be nice and refreshed the following morning. I smothered myself in fake tan and fell asleep like a little baby whilst my poor boo had to endure and embrace the stench of my fake tan all night. Having set my alarms to a reasonable time, I obviously woke up bang on time and set a later alarm every like 15mins in true Marts fashion💁🏽‍♀️ We got ready (almost* as I spent much longer in the shower than time allowed me to) and off we headed for the bus station, super buzzed to get to the festival and completely unprepared for what was on the horizon. Did I mention we missed the bus???? Yeah that happened, we got to the bus station literally as the bus had left. With little time for hesitation we walked over to he nearest taxi and the lovely gent dropped us at the train station. Wooooo £30.00 later we were there, only to realise our train had been cancelled. Yep, brilliant news, splendid. Thankfully the station had arranged for a replacement train, which was actually direct to Finsbury Park rather than us having to change at Cambridge. (Thanks Jack @ Great Northern Rail for clarifying💓 and screw you Trainline ✊🏽 for being unclear and still stating we were due a change) Soooo the train got pretty packed pretty quickly and we were super glad we got on at the first stop else we’d have had to stand around for 2.5h, surrounded by people with dogs and little kids.

So in true train fashion we popped open some Kopparbergs, cocktails, wine & Stellas lol and off we just enjoyed our little journey.

We got to Finsbury Park and I was completely in my element, surrounded by thousands of other festival-goers wearing their amazing outfits and what not, the weather was immaculate and I was just super pleased to be there.

First things first we headed for the Box Office on-site as like I said, Ticketmaster messed us around bigtime so we ended up having to collect our tickets after endless amounts of emails, phonically, tweets & DMs. We grabbed those, found a perfect photo backdrop, and  got queueing. As it was still fairly early (11am ish) there was virtually no queue and we got straight through, the first tent we found was the Big Green Coach giving away free glitter paint so ya gal was obviously straight on that. We then grabbed some drinks, had a look around the site, checked act times and just chilled really, boppin to some tunes.

I have to say I am very impressed with Wireless providing so many more toilets on site this year than they did 2 years ago; the queues were insane!! Also their drinking water stations were a good idea too, although with it being 30+ I feel like colder water would have been a better shout, especially with the amount of people visibly in desperate need of a drink. The only thing I will say is their security were sooo inconsistent, not following the list of what you can/can’t bring with you on-site etc, just not superb.

Massive thanks to my boo for this candid xx

Oh yeah, I’m not sure if we missed the 3rd stage but I swear we could only find the Main Stage & Pepsi Max Stage???? I’m certain the past 2 times I went they had a Pepsi Max Arena as well as the two smaller stages & a large seating area filled with benches and tablets etc where all their food stalls were????? No idea.

We also watched the game at 3pm, you know, as you do:

Then we did the usual, just went to see some more acts, grabbed some madly overpriced food, some more overpriced drinks, sizzled in the sun and eventually we went home. Well, attempted to.

We got to Finsbury Park station to find out our train had been cancelled – by this time a few more King’s Cross passengers had appeared on platform so they organised a replacement train – thank god. HOWEVER – when we got to King’s Cross we found out our train home had been cancelled 😂 so we had to wait around for an hour amongst hundreds of other people. By this point we were so exhausted and just ready to get home. This hour dragged and dragged but eventually it was time for us to board the train.. only to find out it was so packed station staff had to ask people to get off and get the next train as they couldn’t even shut the train doors!!! That’s how madly busy it got with other festivals on and the Pride. We then thought that’s fine, no prob, we will just wait around for another hour… only to realise ALL trains our way had been cancelled. Yep. Every. Single. One. We were stuck in London with no hotel – and we were not too keen on the idea of splashing £1k for a room just to have somewhere to stay – by this point our phones were on something silly like 3% battery and we were really about to run out of options, but instead of getting wound up, we quickly spotted a train going sort of our way and it still had some seats available – so we grabbed some more tickets and ran for that train like it was the end of the world💪🏽

Super content with ourselves we got on the train, except there were no seats available and it was quickly filling up with people standing anywhere possible – it literally looked like one of those rush hour scenes in Japan but it’s fine as we were on board. We did have to hang around bang in the middle of a very posh Huntingdon family who have travelled the world and been everywhere possible, done all posh-people things you can think of and had their claims to fame etc, lovely family, sound. In the other corner we had some lovely little Pride goers and right next to the poor souls.. wait for it.. .. 60+ year old Tory football fans who were so smashed out of their heads and just vile human beings, starting on those poor kids, saying such despicable shit to them I literally just wanted to open the train door and push all 3 of them out lol

That went quite off topic, I do apologise. Back to Wireless — we both had a feeling Drake would be making a surprise appearance at the festival and guess what? He did. And we missed him. We were literally so mad beyond words, we were sat in bed Sunday night getting ready for work (or in my case I was just lazy and in bed preparing for my day off) just watching Drake videos on Snapchat. Such heartbreak man💔

Both Friday and Sunday looked absolutely amazing and I really regret not getting the full weekend but I was unable to get the whole weekend off work which was quite sad, but all is well and we got at least 1 day in there somewhere.

I must admit we were dressed so lightly and we kept well hydrated but MY GOD was it hot!! It was absolutely scorching and we decided that perhaps we are getting a bit too old for festivals as we really did suffer. We are definitely too used to cheese & wine nights and watching Netflix series and just being lazy and just enjoying house-cat life. Although all in all we loved our little chilled day out and our experience of Wireless fest yet again, we are definitely looking in to other music genres and other types of gigs and festivals – if theres any type of large event I’d like to recommend to just about anyone, it’s definitely a festival.

Since I can’t seem to be able to shut up, I’m going to love you and leave you AGAIN – see you in like 3months lol

Marts xx

(Btw my top is actually Spice Label Knot Me bikini top, shorts are Pretty Little Thing & the harness & belt are Spice Label Harley set)


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