WHY don’t I look like her?!

Hello there, me again, hi! This time I will briefly cover a topic I am constantly seeing alllll over my social media. Almost every single blogger/model post on IG, as well your regular girl next door – at least one comment will say something along the lines of ‘why am I not you’ ‘put me in the bin’ etc., and I know most girls mean it as a compliment! I’m not dragging anyone for whatever they wish to comment on people’s pics. (if you’ve been here a long time you’ll know I’m all positive vibes and no judgement)


My concern is, you and I both know plenty of these girls feel ‘ig standards’ pressure and they’re making it a real thing. Trust me, I used to be the same when I was like 13 and constantly upset I couldn’t do my makeup as well as all those cool myspace/Tumblr models lol, but that soon changed.

I feel like my Tumblr makeup heartache wasn’t half as serious as what all these girls are feeling now in the IG era of the hourglass figure & massive arse but hey, times change and we’re not going to envy Brookelle Bones’ big hairdo for the rest of our lives.


Revolving your entire personal life around your IG. It’s absolutely fine to use social media – that’s what it’s there for – but when you start to realise you cannot go without your phone for a couple hours a night, or you post a selfie and you’re upset it didn’t receive ‘enough’ likes, you know the problem is there.

I’m not saying the cliche ‘everyone’s beautiful’ ‘you’re perfect the way you are’ because because there’s beauty within most things in the world, but perception of beauty is completely subjective, and that is why it’s perfectly fine for people to not find you beautiful, or perfect, or whatever else.


The ‘easiest’ solution is to take time off social media. I’m not saying go posting a black screen on Snapchat saying ‘n/r. Taking a break off this’ because that’s ridiculous and all your Snapchat friends will probably think you’re a joke. Just try to take it less seriously. By all means use other people’s posts as inspo but if you’re beating yourself up and making yourself ill, you need to take a break. Social media really isn’t for everyone and unless you condition yourself to be thick skinned, you will struggle and suffer and take everything unnecessarily seriously. You need to understand to stay in your own lane & that perhaps all those photos you cry over are edited and you’re upset for no reason??? Even if not, why do you care so much?

Yes, it is very easy for me to say this because that is exactly my mindset. This isn’t me saying I never scroll through IG because omg yes I do, but instead of crying over all these incredible girls, I use them as inspiration to create my own little thing. The moment you care less about other people and remember to focus on yourself.



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