Admittedly I am doing an Open Uni course which is spread out throughout the year so yeahhhh perhaps the title of this post isn’t exactly 100% appropriate but nonetheless, here we are again (hello) and this time, I will be going over back-to-school bits and bobs and most importantly STATIONERY.

If you’re still in secondary school, chance are all your books, planners, notepads, pens etc are provided by your school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy your own nice bits anyway, right?

I am a MASSIVE stationery fan myself, which is a bit sad at my age I know😂 but ask Jake and he will soon tell you – any larger shop we go in, I’m always looking at stationery bits to buy, especially now I have good reason to. And quite rightly – HOW can you go through your day-to-day life without your favourite pen????

So first of all, I’ve recently been in my local Poundland & QD stores, and they really do deliver. They both had a nice range of not only nice academic planners but also pens, pencils, bulldog & paperclips, calendars etc all to mix & match as their colour schemes and design were pretty similar, but not to the point where everything looked identical and you couldn’t pick and choose. (I had to limit myself buying things as I spend way too much money on stationery as it is)

In this case, personally I think Poundland have completely come through and if I was still in school now, I’d be in there every single week, looking for new bits to purchase. I will say some of their bits are a little on the tacky side (for me) but again, let’s not forget I am quite a bit older than most kids nowadays who are purchasing all these bits so don’t just go with what I think!

Here are some super cute bits I would put together to make lovely lil coordinating sets:

Obviously there are many more bits in store which I cannot find on the website, so your best bet is to just run in and have a browse!

Another store I would recommend anyone to have a look in – for just about ANYTHING – and I have mentioned this store before, is The Range. Possibly the cheapest store I have been in, which stocks just about anything; and my local one has the biggest Arts & Crafts/Stationery section I have ever seen! Here are some of my favourite on-site bits, but again, I feel like they had a lot more goodies in stock when I recently visited, and the website only portrays a small percentage of what they have in store.

As you can see, the same as Poundland – some of the bits are overly ‘mainstream blog aesthetic’ when it comes to design but they do have a lot of really cute stuff in stock. You can order online for home delivery which is brilliant and will probably save you a lot of time and money if you’re anything like me when it comes to office supplies and stationery. An old colleague from one of my old jobs once gave me a little box full of multicolour paperclips and bulldog clips etc and I just haven’t been able to bring myself to use it, its just sat there in the office-corner of our bedroom because I love it way too much to even contemplate using it!!

Don’t forget to cop a set of these nice Aztec print pens to satisfy your inner 2012 hipster lol

I almost forgot to give credit where it’s due – Home Bargains. If you have one near you, DEFINITELY pop in store and have a look at their stationery section.- it’s SO SO cheap and such amazing quality!! That’s where I got my most recent academic planner & pen to match. I can’t find either on the website now but like I said previously, just pop in and have a browse because chances are, they still have some in store. I thought I had a pic of both my lil diary & my pen but obviously I only took one of my diary lol allow it

As you can see it’s nice and girly and basic to satisfy my inner basic self x

ANYWAY I am going to head off now, if there’s anything you’d like me to cover do not hesitate to drop me a message or if you’d prefer to leave a comment, by all means do that. ALSO if you know of any good stationery shops plssss let ya gal know♥️

That’s a wrap!

Marts x


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